Who may benefit from its use

In this section we intend to profile the different categories of individuals or entities who may find an interest in using SmartPredict.

🙋♀ 🙋♂👩🏫 What is SmartPredict and Whom is it for?

SmartPredict studio is an integrated all-in-one platform for modeling all kinds of Artificial Intelligence projects. Thanks to its comprehensive ML toolboxes and its well-thought design, every user will find their benefit from it.

One of its powerful assets is a rich AI toolkit that will benefit Data scientist and engineers , Machine learning engineers and analysts , as well as AI hobbyists or practitioners .

Its ergonomic toolboxes will help you get your hands on the joys of AI modeling without the stress generated by the time-consuming model preparation and training.

🔑 What advantages can we gain with SmartPredict?

SmartPredict has been conceived:

  • to solve the difficulties of gathering and processing data from different sources by managing all the steps involved in AI modeling projects from one place at a time.

  • Since it it is able to deal with most complex use cases, it is the recommended platform for industries and engineering firms evolving in heavy, exhaustive data analytics, thus needing smarter business intelligence.

SmartPredict is definitely the cutting-edge AI tool that you need to alleviate the challenges of processing massive data!

A B2C product for the STEM community

As a B2C product, SmartPredict is targeted to individuals whom it may benefit the most- especially those from the STEM community or professionals in those fields.

This targeted community requires massive use of data manipulation and transformation. Therefore, SmartPredict' s functionalities were tailored accordingly to fulfill their specific needs like dealing with raw , uncleaned data and feed them into models with the help of processing pipelines.

Among the targeted users of SmartPredict, we can cite:

  1. Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers

  2. Data analysts and statisticians

  3. AI hobbyists and practitioners

  4. Academics

  5. Software engineers

  6. Companies

  1. Data Scientists, Machine Learning engineers

For Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers, SmartPredict provides a rich toolbox of modules especially designed to cover all kinds of project models .

More general types of machine learning and deep algorithms such as KNeighbors and XGBoost classifiers and regressors can be found there, all within the menu of core modules.

Apart from that, they can dive at will into use case specific tools, with the modules for Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Dense Neural Network and even with a TensorFlow API module.

To get started, models samples as well as templates are already provided.

Code-lovers will enjoy creating their own module collection or customized snippets to enhance their AI projects.

2. Data analysts and statisticians

Data analysts and statisticians will find the Data Processing and Visualization SmartApp very practical.

Indeed , as their profession requires more analysis than coding, there is no need to code anything at all so they can focus on tasks who require more mental energy .

Datasets can be uploaded as they are into this SmartApp, and be treated in a few clicks. Afterwards they can be exported and used directly. To perform those processing mechanics, SmartPredict utilizes a powerful tool called the dataset processor.

This latter is able to handle missing values, sort out scrambled data and profile them into charts.

3. AI hobbyists and practitioners

All AI hobbyists and practitioners will find it a playful way to learn the complex layout of Artificial Intelligence with simple-to-assemble flowcharts. For sure, it will help all of you to become proficient in Machine Learning.

4. Academics

Academics may wonder how they could utilize SmartPredict in the context of studies or research. Since it is very intuitive, it could offer a valuable support for researchers who are in need of quick tools to help them in completing their study reports. The same goes for students evolving in the STEM fields.

5. Software engineers

Software engineers in need of treating massive data will be glad to utilize the data processing tool set. To do so, they can import models created with SmartPredict to incorporate into their projects in order to add the AI touch.

6. Companies

Thanks to the richness of its libraries and the variety of its modules, SmartPredict is able to fulfill the purposes of all projects requiring AI operations .

In consequence, Data warehouses who continuously welcome large datasets-Big Data- will also be included among SmartPredict' s targeted users.

AI operations -usually found intricate with regular methods- are easily performed with the help of SmartPredict studio's toolboxes.

Thanks to its large palette of tools, SmartPredict can cover multidisciplinary use cases. This is definitely its main advantages .

🗝 Not convinced yet? Try it out!

By exploring further, users could find other ways to exploit the opportunities offered by this powerful tool that are not mentioned in this set of documentation.

In addition, the categories of AI professionals and practitioners mentioned above are just samples of the wider audience for which the platform is intended, as anyone interested in AI may altogether use it .

In a nutshell, SmartPredict is a B2C product open to all categories of AI users from amateurs to professionals . Furthermore, it is also a platform which is always ready to upgrade and stay in tune with the state-of-the art of Artificial Intelligence .

Also, the platforms' performance continuously endeavors to align with the needs implied by the ever evolving technology.