Practical shortcuts

This section discusses about the practical shortcuts for interacting with the GUI elements and performing usual actions in the workspace with the help of key associations.

To provide a nice user experience, SmartPredict includes functions for triggering responses quickly such as pressing keys simultaneously or consecutively.

These practical shortcuts trigger usual actions with mouse events and key associations such as:

For Windows operating systems :

  • copy: Ctrl + drag

  • delete: Delete key

  • expand module and link selection list: Ctrl + click in a new module

  • deselect module or link: Ctrl + click on a selected module

  • drag all: mouse wheel

  • module selection: right mouse button

  • module and link selection: Shift + right mouse button

  • module deselection: Ctrl + right mouse button


To copy items

Copy items with Ctrl key + drag
Capture the area to select items.
To include links in the selection, click on Shift and capture by dragging the mouse.