The SmartPredict Modules

This section will introduce you to SmartPredict' s large palette of modules and provide you with some examples of their application.

Module Concept

The sub-tab of Core modules contain several accordions of SmartPredict studio's native palette for Machine Learning and Deep Learning projects.

The right sidebar within the project workspace displays the inventory of all available modules.‌

There are three types of modules: core modules, custom modules and the other modules obtained through uploads, processing operations or training. These latter include: datasets, processing pipelines and all the trained models.

All of them can be transported into the workspace and become components of the project 's workflow.

Core modules

Core modules are classified according to their functional type but are furthermore divided into subcategories according to their specific role .

Since core modules are the native elements of SmartPredict, it is on their description that we are going to focus more in this following section entirely dedicated to them.