Step 5. Run the build

This section is about running the build after having built the model flowchart.

Run our model

To run the build , click on the "Run" button located on the extreme left corner of the build workspace. The project starts running. Green leds switch on to confirm the compilation is successful. Else, they get red and error messages display.

To run the project click on the Run button.

To read the information about our build, we can check the logs. They are located on the right sidebar , the first icon (starting from the right).

Click on the run button to run the build.

The Model accuracy

Information such as our model accuracy and the name under which our trained model is saved in the logs. We may change the name of our model by editing the Item saver's parameters.

We can change the type of our evaluator at will .

The Evaluator for ML shows our model's performance.