In this new section , you are going to discover another useful function of SmartPredit: the Custom Modules

What are Custom Modules?

Custom modules are ways to create serverless APIs with codes in the SmartPredict code editor. With them, you can create both functions and classes to save as a new module to use in your projects.

A serverless architecture enables the user to devote to creating single-line functions. It takes in charge all the hardware, virtual machine or Operating system and web server software.

Creating custom modules allows you to extend your project using Python codes. Program them to create custom features that fit your needs, as you would with Google Cloud Function, Amazon Lambda AWS Azure function, etc.

As you know, all modules can be dragged into the flowchart. They can be reused willingly and can be accessed through the custom module sub-tabs.


Use Cases

To inspire you and help you get started, we have chosen to take three simple use cases that we invite you to see in the following pages.

  • Image resizing

  • Text cleaning

  • URL extraction and retrieving from text and websites